Review policy

Thank you for considering my blog, BellaSoBad™ as a platform to promote & market your items.

As a blogger, I honestly do my best to display and style all items received in a true and favorable light. So all pictures seen on my blog have little to no photoshop effects or manipulation and many of the snapshots I share are derived from tweaking second life’s wind light settings.

I accept all review items sent to me and I really appreciate every single one. With that being said, not all items I receive will be blogged but, that doesn’t mean I don’t like your items, it could mean that I haven’t gotten around to blogging them or they did not fit into my blog post. Please be patient with me and don’t take it personally as my intentions are never to offend anyone.

Thank you so much for accepting or considering me to join your blog team.<3

Feel free to follow my blog or add me to your Blog Roll and for any questions, comments or concerns never hesitate to contact me at Anabella Maidstone in world.

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