I’ll be right back.

I'll Be right back.

So, as you probably know by now I usually notify you guys via flickr or Facebook or my blog when I am taking a break from second life. And this usually happens when I need some time off, away from secondlifing to rejuvenate, handle real life responsibilities without any distractions and so on.

I really try to give everyone a heads up before I do, out of common curtesy because, I hate to just up and disappear without letting my dear friends, generous sponsors and followers know what’s up.

So it’s around that time again and this time I will be away indefinitely, I have a number of real life projects I am currently working on as well as a few goals like visiting my best friend of 6 years from sL ( she no longer plays sL anymore though D; ) in London this summer!. So, this will involve a lot of budgeting and planning.

Also, my birthday month is next month xD!!!! ( in a few weeks actually ). So as you see, the goals ( some of which I haven’t mentioned ) are quite long. I love SL and have loved it for a very long time! but, somedays it’s the last thing on my mind and when it gets like that I need to put it on pause, take care of business and come back when I’m a more excited about logging in.

P.s: I will be temporally leaving any blogger groups I am a member of and when I return, I will go through the application process again.

Thank you so much for your time, support, and believing in bellasobad ❤
Love you all.
~peace and let rainbows reign!~


3 thoughts on “I’ll be right back.

  1. Aww thats sad, but I hope everything goes well in RL for you. Sadly you never got to tell me when I asked (I think you know what).
    But its okay and maybe someday you come back and all your friends will be with you again 🙂


    • LOL! Everything is going well irL Lucille, I take breaks all the time, most people I am friends with know that about me. But, we haven’t really talked about ( you know what xD ) idk, guess when I get back we can have a conversation about it. I did try to get in contact with you, not sure if you responded or not, my messages cap all the time. Anyway, talk to you soon <33

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