Pose: 2Men #7 by {pose maniacs}
Set: The isle ( no rez available ) ~ amazing sim!! check it out & explore it!


( Click image to enlarge )

Felt like doing a voodoo inspired post, a mix of The Pirate of the Caribbean’s witch doctor; Tia Dalma and The American Horror Show’s witch played by Angela Basset but, I really think this look leans more towards Tia Dalma more than anything… the cleaned up version in leather? lol. Anyway, enjoy 😉

In other news, check out Le Enfant Terrible’s new collection. A new brand from the creator of Gspot. Here are a few pictures of some of her items, 100% mesh which, I took from her flickr. Feel free to follow her on flickr to keep up to date on what’s new from her amazing collection!!

Chloe´s sneak peek

Vintage girl

Wayfarers Sandals sneak peek

.Enfant Terrible. Harness

Dyonisos Bride

( Please note: Her store is currently under construction until the end of this month, keep an eye out on her flickr to see what’s new – in the meantime see the marketplace store for her Wayfarers sandals )

Skin, Makeup & Hair
Hair: BMB103 hair in pink by booN
Hairbase: gathered raised hairbase in pink by booN
Lips Alpha: (For Prim Teeth) by {D.A}
Tattoo: Doomed on Right leg by .Identity. Body Shop ( Applier available )
Skin: Lorde Cocoa – No EB by ItGirls
Lipgloss: Pom Pom Lip Shine V2 in Coal by Pink Acid
Eyebrows: Prissy Brows in Black by *Milk*
Eyelashes: “Falsies” Eyelash by *MC* ( mesh eyelashes )
Eyeliner: Rawr by Flirt Cosmetics ( Gift )
Teeth: Porcelain Crown Bottoms in Rose Gold by illmatic ( no longer available )
Mesh hands: Avatar Enhancement Hands in Gesture by Slink
Nail Polish: Requiem Nails by Mad’ ( SLINK Nail Appliers ) + ( includes feet appliers )
Eyes: Sinistre in Blind Brown by {D.A}

Bracers: Chloes Bracer in black by .Enfant Terrible. @ We Love Role-Play monthly event ( DEC 4th )
Nose chain: chain nose in black by *Tentacio* @ SLFW
Cheek Piercings: ~ Spike cheek piercing ~ in (BLACK) by Plushberry
Cross Earrings: Black x Blue by {W&R} @ SLFW

Clothing & Shoes
Hat: Kufi hat V.3 in camel by JfL ( unisex )
Leg Warmer: black_Leg Warmers Ankle on Left Leg by !!SpoiledLiLBrat!!
Dress/Shirt: Draped T-Shirt (Full Leather) in (XS) ( men’s shirt ) by {SYL} ( now known as Renegade )
Shoulder Fur: [AnjaFurShoulders in [Black] by Color.Me.H.O.F ( gift )
Shoes: Sneaker Spiked in Python Print by [ChicZafari]

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