Set: William Weaver Art Gallery by Scarlet Creative ( gift )


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Hey everyone, welcome back. In today’s post Chloe & I had the pleasure of meeting and posing with the professional model, blogger, and shape artisan Giselle Chauveau, check out her shape boutique; Body by Chauveau for a look at her beautiful collection of shapes. And enjoy today’s post and have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday ( i.e if you’ll be celebrating it ) be safe. ❤

P.s: Chloe’s skirt has been photoshopped because, it was glitchy on my firestorm viewer. It’s a gorgeous skirt but, try on the demo before you purchase it. I’m really not sure if the glitch is a universal thing or just on my end. Thought you guys should know ❤

Hair: HAIR 36 by Eaters Coma
Bracelets: KILO Bracelet by Vexiin
Top & Skirt: SCARLET Armor in White by ** DIRAM **
Boots: Malin Thigh High Boots in CranBerry by .: ryvolter :.

Giselle Chauveau
Crown & Collar: Raven-Nell in Gold by .:GSpot:. ( now known as Enfant Terrible )
Hair: COLLIEN by .:EMO-tions:.
Vest & Pants: razzle pleated pants in (cream) by ISON
Grey Night Club in Gold by Paperbag.
Body Harness in (White) by .Renegade.

Anabella Maidstone
Shoes: Wayfarers by .Enfant Terrible.
Dress: Vivienne by Overhigh
Eyeshadow: ‘Shimmer’ in (Onyx) by THESKINSHOP ( limited time gift )
Hairbase: Vanessa in Dark Brown by [ef]
Earrings: Pearl Earrings by (Yummy)
Glasses: Half Frame Round Display in Zebra by :::LP::: ( held in hand )
Watch: Marc Watch in White by [7891.]
Hair: LANA hair in Bournville by [LeLutka]
Bag: Mini Ribbon bag by Retro ( group gift )


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