Set: Pure Dreams ( no rez available )
Pose/Animation: D3584-Stand.N by Kuso ( Scepter Was attached to hand & hand animation was used )

Lechery -1-

Halloween is coming soon! Y’all better get ready to see all types of insanity on this blog! Lol! Alright, I’m over exaggerating but, I’ll be honest halloween is probably one of my favorite celebrations!. I think it’s because I love dressing up and not only that, you get to be creative with your looks. Hmmm! so, it begins!.

Lechery -2-

( Click images to enlarge )

Skin, Makeup & Hair
Lips Alpha: by {D.A}
Hair base: in #3 by -Likeli-
Brows: Cara brows by BN.1
Lipgloss: INK LipGloss by [PF]
Eyeliner: Rawr by Flirt Cosmetics ( gift )
Hair: Bubbles in Raven by (Chemistry)
Eyelashes: 3D NoAlpha Lashes in #8 by ^;^CaTwa^;^
Mesh Ass: Phat Azz /w more inner thighs by *L.inc*
Teeth: Porcelain Crown Bottoms in Rose Gold by illmatic ( no longer available, see other versions )
Mesh Breasts: ::: Tango ::: by Lolas
Mesh Hands: Gesture by Slink
Nails: Lovely Solids by *MC* ( These are appliers for SLINK HANDS )
Skin: Lorde Cocoa by ItGirls
Eyes: Nebula Brown by {D.A}

Horns: . WeT HoRNS in black by Candy Mountain
Earrings: Evana Earring in (gold) by ..:: Bens Beauty ::..
Scepter: vexillum of bellerophon in wood gold by .:GSpot:. @ We Love Role-Play monthly event ( OCT)
Nose Ring: N-Swirl by Cobrahive
Head Piece: Erulisse Circlet in Lgt Green by Deviance @ The Fantasy Fair Gacha
Cheekies: ~ Spike cheek piercing ~ in (GOLD2) by Plushberry
Ring: Skully ring in Gold by Swallow
Upright Demon Tail in (Matte Black) by {Lemon Tea}

Clothing & Shoes
Lingerie: MyRetro Lingerie in (Black) by LUST ( Lolas & Phat ass available appliers )
Shoes: SHARON by >.H.C.< ( clear textures add on ) ( shoe sold separately )
Thigh High Socks: SHARON by >.H.C.< ( Phat ass appliers )



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