New and improved Sharon baby!

Those of you who own the sharon heels from Hyperion creations will be pleased to know that Gaelleminois the creator and owner of Hyperion Creations has been working so hard on these babies for you guys and has released an updated version of the original pair! Best believe! I’ve got my screenshot on deck! Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes!

New and improved Sharon baby! pt2

Here is what’s new;
( Taken right out of the notecard in the new update folder. )

-Updating scripts HUDs.
-Rebuilding HUDS: Adding 18 new textures, adding the high heels sound on his HUD effects Updating color picker, adding a preview color, adding the input button RGB values​​ in the local.
-Remodeling shoes to accept the clear textures pack, Simplification of attachment (only one object to wear).
-Added the high heel sound in the shoes, adding an auto-update.

New and improved Sharon baby! pt2

I am so excited about the gold & silver texture additions but, I still found the skin coloring part to be a bit of a challenge. While there is a RGB command prompt where you just need to type in /500 area1 color (e.g: /500 area1 color ) we are unable to use the corresponding color palette to lighten or darker the skin color applied to the skin using that RGB prompt. I really do hope there’ll be some kind of fix for it… soon.

In the meantime, I’ll be patiently waiting on those clear textures Gaelleminois keeps teasing us with on flickr.


Follow, add Gaelleminois on flickr for more eye candy.
And visit Hyperion Creations for more goodness.

Anklet: Heart Relaxed anklet by [F]oil created & designed by MrForever



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